Belorussian Autoworks (BELAZ)

Area of cooperation: Mining industry

That's one of the biggest worldwide Company, which produce opencast mining equipment. Being established in postwar 1948 year, the BELAZ became a leader of home machinery building and a reliable support for thousands of people, who at different times had linked their destinies of work with them for years. During half a century of history the Autoworks produced more than 120 thousands units of mining equipment. Working under new economic conditions BELAZ have not only enlarged the range of output opencast mining dump trucks and special equipment for serving of opencast mines, but also have developed not quite traditional for themselves types of products: roadconstruction machinery, special equipment for metallurgy industry, underground transport facilities. Today the Autoworks, which have their own designandresearch base and unique engineering personnel and regular labour force, is ready to fulfill almost any order for designing and manufacturing of equipment for mining industry and for other branches of national economy.