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Automation and analytics

Source: International Mining (April 2016)

Date: 08.04.16

Dmitry Klebanov, Business Development Director at VIST Group outlines some of the latest technology being used on BELAZ equipment as a result of collaboration between the two companies.
Fleet-footed: VIST Group

Source: Mining Magazine

Autor: Ailbhe Goodbody

Date: 01.03.14

A part of a "Fleet-footed" article in a Mining Magazine (March 2014).
Techgormet 2012: Russian mining innovation

Source: International Mining (January)

Autor: Paul Moore

Date: 09.01.13

  Paul Moore attended the recent Tehgormet conference, held from 15-16 November at St Petersburg’s historic State Mining University, where key Russian and international mining  groups and technology providers gathered to discuss technology application in the country.