“KARIER” mining-and-transport complex dispatch system implementation is aimed at:
  • Increase of operational control efficiency of production
  • Enhancement of integrity and operability of accounting and control of mining-and- transport complex application
Features and benefits of the System allow:
  • To increase productive time for the use of equipment during working shift;
  • To ensure resource saving and reaching the necessary volumes of production at the same time;
  • To increase working and technical discipline of employees;
  • To develop the basis for objective evaluation of different services and factory sectors activities;
  • To create background for regular repairs and maintenance of a company’s car park;
  • To lay the foundation for the optimization of traffic
Sources of information:
  • Position, speed, course sensors (GPS)
  • Car load sensor
  • Fuel level sensors
  • Actual digital modelling of mining
  • Company database management
Consumers of information:
  • Control centre of a factory as well as various users of a local comany network – information on current condition and position of cars
  • Other engineering facilities of a company – history for the real operating regime of equipment, downtime, daily run, volume of transported load