Mobile objects equipment

The controlled vehicles are supplied with the following basic set of on-board equipment:
  • Radiostation with antenna — serves for exchange of digital information between vehicles and radiostation of the control center
  • On-board controller incorporating GPS receiver (vehicle position, course and speed sensor)
  • Sensor set (load, fuel level, etc.)
  • GPS aerial
  • GPS receiver (normally integrated into radionavigation board)
  • On-board outfit

The on-board controller is designed for controlling the operation of on-board equipent and has the following functions:
  • Reading the information from condition and position sensors of a vehicle
  • Transmitting data for differential correction received from control center to a position sensor
  • Controlling the work of radiostation
  • Automatic turn on of equipment at ignition
  • Collecting and sending information to control center
The System utilizes the on-board controller designed by the VIST Group specialists. At present time this unit is regularly applied by the Belarus Automobile Plant.

The navigational GPS receiver built in on-board controller serves as a position sensor and detects coordinates, speed and course of a mobile object with up to 2...5 m accuracy with the help of signals from NAVSTAR satellites. The GPS receiver is supplied with a GPS antenna.

The set of additional sensors mounted on each car allows for automatic control of its condition.

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