The peculiarity of dispatch control system "KARJER" software is its flexibility and capability of setting it up without changing the program code. The XML files are used to create user interface. There is no need to change the program text if you wish to change a system dialogue or create a new one. All you need is to change an XML file. The necessary settings can be done by the specialists of the customer independently if required.

The system database is based on the most powerful and reliable database platforms — ORACLE.

The Crystal Reports is used to generate reports. The system includes a set of standard reports, but you can change them or create new ones just as the case with user interface.

The processing of messages received from mobile objects is divided into separate components. Each component is realized with the help of a separate “message processing program” (dynamic library). Normally the work of such components is restricted to recording specific events (based on incoming messages) or adding attributes to incoming messages. The paths for forwarding messages as well as component setting are described in config file.

Such design of processing system allows to easily modify the software according to customer’s changing requirements.

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