Users' working places

The system administrator can randomly create working places of the dispatch control system "KARJER" users. In other words, total system functionality can be randomly divided by setting menus of access.

The following options of working places arrangement are available:
  • Dispatch operator (truck fleet shift supervisor) workbench
    • Forming shift assignment for trucks 
    • Shift management
    • Vehicles operation control
  • Mining dispatch operator workbench
    • Forming shift assignment for excavators
    • Control of operation and downtime of excavators during shift
    • Control of drill-rings operation
  • Workbench for motor fuels and lubricants control operator
  • Workbench for generating drivers’ schedules
  • Workbench for control of technical condition of trucks and maintenance planning
  • Survey specialist workbench
    • Preparing map data
    • Forming grade plans for excavators used for mining
    • Adding expected monthly volumes for excavators
    • Adding survey results
  • Workbench for on-board equipment maintenance engineer
  • Supervisor’s workbench

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