Analytical module

Includes two blocks:

  • Statistics (History of mine development)
    • Shift balance review (more than 30parameters for each dumper),including the weight of transported load, fuel and oil)
    • Dumpers and excavators operation data review (data on trips, stops, overrunning, malfunctions, cases of absence)
    • Manual data entry in case of unequipped or damaged dumper trucks
    • Data export
    • Reports Printing out

Pic. 1 — Speed-limits exceeding statistics

Pic. 2 — Truck operation table

  • OnMap (Mapping block)
    • Monitoring of mobile objects on the map in real time mode
    • Capability of adjusting the display of any infomation available for affixement in real time mode
    • Viewing the history of moving and the archive of events of mobile objects at random time in tervals

Pic. 3 —
Mobile objects monitoring on the map

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