Instrumentation & Spare parts control module

This module is provided for solving simple storage tasks regarding accounting of spare parts and describing what equipment is assigned to which object and which units or components they incorporate.
This unit can work in conjunction with maintenance control module (Maintenance Manager).

The application of this module ensures:
  • Accomplishing storage tasks without additional software and complicated costly personnel training
  • Getting the real vision of equipment wear
  • Getting actual information on location of this or that unit or component
  • Permits adding information on the stock of components
    • Control of the numbers of units, instrumentation and spare parts
    • Option of uniting them in groups
    • Control of ordering from storage and returning to storage
  • Describes what parts devices consist of and what vehicles they can be installed on
  • Option of wear standards and rates settings for each type of components
  • Automatic control of running for all components installed on vehicles

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