Maintenance control module

This module is designed to control maintenance and repair procedures of trucks, keep history on the time and length of maintenance and performed work. 

The application of this module ensures:
  • Keeping reliable history on technical maintenance, its durability, periodicity, quality, etc.
  • Keeping history and control of substituted units and devices of dumper trucks, which allows to judge about the cost of maintenance and also by implication about the quality of this or that component from different manufacturers
  • Running under basic software platform helps to create complete and reliable picture of technical maintenance and repairs: where, at what time and for how long the work was taking place
  • Effecting the timely planning of technical maintenance and repairs and make conclusions about the mode of opeartion of a vehicle
  • Option of adding scheduled technical maintenance and repairs and comparing their standards and worklists
  • Capability of keeping history both for repairs and technical maintenance of a truck and all of its units and devices installed on the truck independently
  • Option of keeping archives on installation\dismantling of units and components of a truck for which the spare capacity rate is generated
  • Automatic personnel notification of the necessity of technical maintenance
  • Automatic personnel notification about faults during operation

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