Optimization module

On-line management (automatic dispatching) of mining-and-transport complex operation is effected with the help of SmartTruck module.

The task of optimization module
Calculation of dumper trucks optimum distribution over the existing routes (from excavators to discharge points) according to the programmed optimization criteria, particularly for maintaining the necessary content of useful components during burdening.

Optimization criteria
The system offers an opportunity to use a wide selection of criteria (algorithms) of optimization. The examples of such criteria will be completing the task of ore amount, general excavator throughput rate, etc.
The importance of each criterion is determined depending on the industry applications. The criteria can be applied both independently and together. 

The peculiarity of optimization module is its flexibility. If required you may easily add new random citeria taking into account new factors, change priorities depending on current objectives.

Optimization module application enables:
  • Automatic assignment of shift tasks in the beginning of a shift
  • Redistribute trucks over routes during shift in real time using on-line statistics
  • Simultaneous use of operatinal statistics by several users
  • Accounting for indications and recommendations of a dispatcher
  • Optimization module integration into business processes of a company
  • Modelling and forecasting of shift results at given truck distribution over routes

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