Tire operation control module

This module allows to collect history on each tire mounted on a truck and trace any changes in specified characteristics in real time.

Application of this module ensures:
  • Collecting of reliable and up-to-date history for each tire
  • Automatic and prompt notification of complete or partial tire wear, which accounts for fast decision making regarding the necessity of its changing (or plan its changing as a part of regular maintenance) and eliminate tire breakdown during transport operations
  • Redistribution of trucks with high rate of tire wear over easier routes, which increases their durability considerably
  • Exercise continuous control of the main characteristics of tire operation and take the necessary measures in case the set values are exceeded
  • Capability to add data on make of a truck, its number, standards of operation for each listed tire
  • Keeping history of each tire installation and dismantling
  • Automatic calculation of car run and tons per kilometers and display of tire wear information
  • Real time control of main operational characteristics and notification with a buzzer or text message

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