Industrial safety managment system

VIST Group's Industial safety management system is a tool wich will allow you to significally reduce risks and improve workers safety. This system is aimed at at automation of work order system and industrial safety system:
  • Operational control and work progress control
  • Planning of production divisions operation for the forthcoming day
  • Formation of work orders (assignments) for the forthcoming day
  • Delivery of work orders (assignments) directly to work performers
  • Reporting on assignment completion
  • Work sheet system compulsory records keeping
  • Industrial safety management

The software is a complex tool, that allows to reach a brand new level of production management.

Main advantages of the system:

  • Any report form availible
  • Analitics for different categories of users
  • Safety control
    • Work order delivery with consideration of existing safety violations and worker's skill set
    • Work order system and industrial control system are now efficiently working together
    • Timely elimination of safety rules violations through their inclusion in assignments
    • More relevant data in work order system
    • Different forms of reports on assignment completion: for a specific worker, team, area
    • Statistic data collection for analisys and estimation of the safety level (number and types of violations, seriosness of violation, reaction time)
    • Data storage. Identification of a person, who changed the saved data
    • Forecasting of dangerous situations for each industrial unit/fascility and for the whole enterprise
    • Significant simplification of analisys of breakdowns possible couses, simplification of accidents investigations
    • Maximum consideration of possible risks/hazards during works planning and execution

The system can be ajusted to your special needs!


  • Base functionality of the system
  • OLAP Analisys module
  • Work order system module
  • Violation accounting module
  • Occupational disiese accounting module
  • Injuries accounting module
  • Breakdowns accounting module
  • Incident accounting module
  • Instruction and exams module