KARIER Mine Fleet Management System

Implementation of the VG Karier mine fleet management system is aimed at the following:
  • higher efficiency of the mine transport fleet due to optimization of the truck allocation, the downtime/delays reduction, reduce the time of shift changing and payload optimization control.
  • improving mineral quality management due to mineral quality optimization and  application of high-precision navigation systems.
  • getting accurate and reliable information on the number of trips and tonnages of the transported mined minerals. Longer running time of dump-truck assemblies due to automatic control of loading, and speed limit compliance control. 
  • elimination of any opportunity for unauthorized fuel discharge.
  •  lowering fuel and lubricant consumption per one tonne of transported mined material due to minimization of downtime during working shifts, and sound planning based on fuel consumption facts about every dump truck.
  • improving safety-in-operation due to automatic control of dump-truck speed and permissible loading limits.
  • automation of maintenance and repair planning processes.

KARIER system functional modules

VG KARIER structure