Automatic Dispatch and Optimization Module

The optimization module offers the following features:
  1. Estimation of the required number of dump trucks required based on the actual performance of shovels, actual travelling speed of dump trucks and other factors derived from the statistics of the current and preceding shifts. Therefore, a dispatch control operator is prevented from sending “extra” dump trucks to the work area, which operation cannot meaningfully increase the output of shovels.   
  2.  Enabling the dump trucks open-cycle operation with automatic control.  The driver gets from the System a notification showing to which shovel his dump truck should travel after discharge, or after a significant change of the situation in mining operations (failures, etc.). 

The optimization module ensures the enhancement of performance by accurately estimating the required number of vehicles and directing those vehicles to the proper positions at the proper times. This functionality enables management and control actions that result in significant performance enhancement as compared to a manual system without intelligent computer based algorithmic optimization.

Optimization groups creation

With this template the dispatcher divides the available shovel fleet into groups, each working in an open cycle. A group may consist of a single shovel. In this case, the dump trucks assigned to it are not redistributed by the System in the process of operation.

The dispatcher may manually relocate a dump truck between groups and within a group. In this case, the System sends the same notification to a driver as it does in case of automatic distribution. The driver is actually unaware of the fact of who or what is guiding his operation: software, a traffic control operator or a foreman using a workpad with software. However, every instruction is recorded in the data base and can be analysed at any time. 

The Loading and Hauling Process is Optimized

The main purpose of VG KARIER Automatic Dispatching and Optimization software is to intelligently allocate mining equipment, create a schedule and assign routes to mobile equipment according to the production objectives set by the mine plan chosen by management given the assets that the mine has to work with. Several optimization criteria can be used simultaneously, each with a proper weighted ratio. The dispatch manager can combine them and set custom strategies according to production needs.

Usually optimization criteria is based on productivity, minerals quality, priority of some excavators, but many others criteria and strategies can be created be the user.

With our advanced dispatching system, priority for excavators can be configured to refer trucks to certain excavators when needed. The system provides the suggestions for the dispatch manager.
 Trucks can also be excluded from a route in case its inclusion doesn't add to overall productivity.
With our system, instead of inefficiency and lost productivity, the mine gets productivity gains of 10 – 15 % extra loads per shovel per shift.