Truck Operation Management Module

Dump-truck trip logging, including automatic identification of the following:
  • Shovel number
  • Discharge point name;
  • Loading time, waiting time before loading, discharge time, travelling time, and other time characteristics
  • Load weight
  • Transportation distance

Information on working process

  Truck operation diagram

Truck Plan Performance Real-Time Report
Fuel monitoring

The Karier System provides “end-to-end” fuel logging including logging of fuel in gas stations, loading of fuel trucks, fuel feed form fuel trucks to vehicles, and control of fuel consumption by vehicles.

Every stage of this process is subject to double and triple checks. For instance, in loading of fuel trucks the possibility of a discrepancy is checked in three measurements: change of the fuel level of an immobile storage tank, change of fuel level in a fuel truck vessel and fuel volume passed through fuel-handling facilities. This type of check is also applicable for transport vehicle refuelling.

Fuel monitoring

Quality management

VG Karier is able to monitor the quality of the ore, hauled to the reloading stock using the quality of the ore in each excavator and calculate the weight of each trip. The quality of each excavator can be changed during the shift and all the trip will be recalculated.

To manage the quality High precision navigation with the accuracy up to 2 cm can be installed.
In case on using the “quality” criteria in Optimization module trucks will be assigned to maintain the quality.