Excavator Operation Management Module with high precision guidance

The Karier System is integrated with the Surpac, MIneScape and other geological software suite intended for geological modelling, mine surveying and planning of development and mining processes.

The general algorithm of the procedure is as follows:
  • preparation of the required data: geological model (surface model, if only overburden removal is considered), data on shovel hourly output, etc. 
  • delineation of the planned shovel operation area. The procedure is applicable both for sections and for the layout plan.
  • after the direction of shovel operation is specified the system automatically divides the total planned volume into segments with equal volumes generally corresponding to one shift or any other value, depending on the volatility of quality or some other considerations.  
  • if necessary, other parameters are specified.
  • the System automatically estimates the volume and quality characteristics for each parameter.
  • the sequence of mine working processes is specified.
  • the System automatically estimates the mineral quality and its volume for discharge points and creates an hourly chart. If the results do not meet the requirements, the sequence of parameters for mine working processes or plotting can be changed to meet the desired results.  
  • export and transmission of the plan to a shovel operator graphic panel.
  • in the process of operation a shovel operator gets a view of the planned bench and elevations, as well as the actual position of a shovel, including the difference between the planned and actual elevation

 Shift task for shovels and draglines