Maintenance and Repair Planning module

This module is used for maintenance and repair planning by creating frequency recommendations for technical actions to be applied to a vehicle, by motor-hour, mileage or time. Estimated dates of maintenance procedures can be manually adjusted for optimization of repair team workload.  

The maintenance and repair planning engine meets the following objectives:
  • records scheduled events in the maintenance frequency reference book. The frequency can by specified by time, mileage or motor-hours. Eventually, this information can be used for computer-aided analysis of the next technical action. 
  • automatic prediction of the next planned action date based on the information on motor-hours, mileage or time with a feature allowing manual correction of the information. This template is intended both for planning and for logging of actually performed work.
  • mobile object availability logging for the generation of shift work sheets.
The maintenance and Repairl planning module makes use of the following reference books :
  • repair object
  • types of availability
  • maintenance standards and rates

Table of mining machinery technical availablility

Hardware Diagnostics

The Intelligent MIne System has features for diagnostics of on-board hardware, monitoring of different parameters while adding-on sensors, as well as transmission of diagnostics data received via interfaces such as Cummins, VIMS Caterpillar, PLMS and the likeetc.
The software provides for such features as automatic generation of hardware repair and diagnostics work sheets for maintenance divisions, and monitoring of failure response time by managers.

Hardware diagnostics

 Onboard equipment