Orlaco vision solutions

It is Orlaco’s viewpoint that optimal vision around every vehicle and vessel should be the norm. It provides safety, comfort and efficiency.
    Orlaco's vision solutions are suitable for professional use on all types of vehicles (dump trucks, excavators, bulldozers, wheel loaders, scrapers etc.). The camera and monitor systems are shockproof and present a sharp image under extreme conditions. Quality checks ensure excellent performance and longevity.

For Orlaco, safety is paramount at all times. There are many blind spots around large vehicles, as a result of which the operator has an inadequate field of vision in his immediate vicinity. The ISO 5006 standard states that an imaginary line 1.5 m high and 1 m round the machine must be visible. Orlaco's vision systems will enable you to satisfy the standard.     

For complex machines, good vision of the work process is essential for progress. Orlaco's vision solutions provide the operator with optimum vision, thereby improving the efficiency of operations. This produces an immediate economic benefit.

Damage reduction

Due to the fact that complex machines have many blind spots, there is a significant chance of damage and accidents occurring. Orlaco's cameras give the operator the extra eyes he needs.


The seat position in the cab is standard, and assumes an operator sitting in an upright position, whereas the operator has to adopt a decidedly unnatural position in order to follow the work process. Injuries can arise in such circumstances. Due to Orlaco's monitor, the operator maintains good posture.

More information

The catalog  (download catalog for Heavy Equipment, PDF) contains all options for Orlaco's cameras and monitors. If you require more information or customized advice, please get in touch with our specialists by phone or e-mail.
You can find more catalogs here: www.orlaco.info

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