VG Railway

VIST Group company introduces a VG Railway system, the microprocessor-based management system for signaling and interlocking devices, blocking units.


The VG Railway system provides the following benefits:


  •  the transport productivity increases by 15-20 %
  •  the risk of downtime and accidents decreases  
  • complete refill of off-market and outdated equipment to a microprocessor-based analogues
  • vast range of functions for the management on the stations and dispatch rooms levels in full accordance to the requirements of the normative documents
  • reduction of the electricity costs for the station equipment work
  • the possibility of using a portable posts based on railcars, box trucks or trailers for the reduction of capital and operating costs
  • including the long-distance posts in the electrical centralization of the station (before it was not possible to involve them because of the long distances)
  • instant circulation of the changes on the station to a train dispatcher
  • really low price, comparing to a nearest competitors.


VG Railway is using a whole base of a normative documents, and oriented, most of all, on a salvation of urgent production problems of our customers