Robotized mining areas creation

VIST Group offers you new technologies for creation of a robotized mining area.

Mining will be conducted by autonomous (robotized) and remote-controlled machinery:

  • Autonomous dump trucks
  • Remote-controlled machinery:
    • Excavators
    • Loaders
    • Bulldozers
    • Drilling rigs
  • Autonomous railway transport

Creation of robotzed mining areas enables you

  • to increase the productivity (by reducing downtime, human factor)
  • to solve the problem of qualified stuff shortage
  • to guarantee people's safety in harsh conditions (no need for people to work in dangerous areas, in harsh climate)
  • to conduct mining operations in remote regions.

Robotized mining area implementation stages

  • I  STAGE: Design (2-3 months)
  • II STAGE: Creation of infrastructure, equipment supply (4 months)
  • III STAGE: Systems elements implementaton  (3 to 5 months):
      • Data transmisson system
      • Dispatch center
      • On-board equipment
  • IV STAGE: Commissioning and start-up, personnel training (2-3 months)

Possible to implement in less than a year! 

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