System of the Automation of mine-surveyor works (SAMARA)

SAMARA — System of the Automation of mine-surveyor works

Designed by  "Laboratory of Complex Technologies"

Basic purpose:
daily operations automation office studies information by the mine-surveyor (geological — mine-surveyor) division of the mining enterprise.

System provides:
  • input, accumulation and processing field measurements data with their subsequent graphic mapping
  • conducting the complex of the graphic works, connected with mapping of the current state of mine workings, by their design and by the control of conducting
  • conducting measuring and marking operations in planned projection and in three-dimensional space
  • the automatic formation of the mine workings three-dimensional models;
  • preparation and the production mining graphic documentation (different designation and scales)
    input, accumulation and processing the data about the geological structure of mountain outlet, obtained in the course of reconnaissance boring, sinking and cleaning works
  • the three-dimensional space models of relief and geological layers formation and analysis

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