• Electronic Fuel Level Sensor — is designed for precision measurement of diesel gas oil in the fuel tanks of the “BelAz” motor vehicle — more detailes >>>
  • Frequency Sensor - is designed for measuring the speed of linear and angular travel of components in the units of machinery, automotive and aviation engineering applied in harsh environments — more detailes >>>
  • Rotation Angle Sensor — is designed for transducing shaft rotation angle value into analogue electrical signal — more detailes >>>
  • Proximity Switches — are used for defining position of mechanism moving parts with accuracy of up to 0,05 mm in gaps from 1,0 to 5,0 mm — more detailes >>>
  • Noncontactring Current Sensor — is used for measuring direct, alternative or pulse current values, oscillographic testing of current signals, and galvanic isolation of electrical power circuits from metering circuits  — more detailes >>>
  • Electronic Pedal — is used for controlling power drives, driving speed, stator dynamic braking of mobile machinery — more detailes >>>
  • Load Cell Series — are used for measuring vertical component of tension arising at exposure to applied load — more detailes >>>

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