Frequency Sensor

We have developed and produce a wide range of frequency sensors designed for measuring the speed of linear and angular travel of components in the units of machinery, automotive and aviation engineering applied in harsh environments.

The principle of sensor operation is based on measuring the frequency of changing of magnetic field value created by moving ferromagnetic elements (gears, racks etc.) with the help of magnet-sensible integrated microcircuitry.

In terms of construction the sensors are designed in the form of cilinders made from nonmagnetic material with integrated magnetic system from UNDK or KS-37 alloys and microcircuitry incorporating magnet-sensible element, magnifier, pulse generator and voltage stabilizer. The basic elements of the sensor are constructed on modern element base, manufacturable. The assembly process is automated.

Apart from their induction analogues, these sensors feature output signal with constant amplitude over the whole operating range and linear frequency response. The maximum gap between the sensor face and ferromagnetic object is increased three times as compared to the induction analogues. The sensor has a higher dimensional resolution.

Basic Specifications

Parameters FHS-0,2 FHS-8 FHS-100
Dimensions, mm
(М18 х 1) х 75 (М18 х 1) х 65 (М14 х 1) х 75
Measured frequency range, rHz
0.005 — 5.0 0.1 — 20.0 0.5 — 30.0
Operational gap value, mm*
0 — 5 0 — 5 0 — 7
Supply voltage, V
9 …15 9 … 18 Нет
Input current, mA
Not exceeding 20 Not exceeding 20 0
Output stage
Open n-p-n collector
Load resistance, kOm
Not less than 1,0
Working temperature range, С - 40 ... + 120
Construction Air-tight, dust-, moisture- and oil-proof

* — Operational gap depends on configuration and pitch of the teeth of a ferromagnetic object and also on runout during rotation

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