Rotation Angle Sensor

Full turn or sector rotation angle (hereinafter referred to as sensor) is designed for transducing shaft rotation angle value into analogue electrical signal.

The sensor is constructed in the form of a cylinder with a flange for accurate locking and rotating shaft with self-centering spline clamping. The rotation angle transducing into electrical signal is achieved with the help of contact-free method by means of changing magnetic field induction in the area of sensible element when rotating the shaft. The signal is then delivered from the transducer to the magnifier on circuit board platform based on measurement operation magnifiers.

The sensor design allows it to be applied in conditions of increased temperatures, agressive environments (solt fog, acid and alkali influence etc) and is available for fire- and explosion-protected modifications. Besides, the unit offers high durability (the number of working cycles exceeds 109).
As regards its accuracy and reliability charcteristics the sensor can be used as a part of instruments, analogue control modules, microprocessor systems etc.

The applications of the sensor include aerospace and miltary industries, automotive systems of control, machinery and a wide range of general-purpose applications.

As compared to the existing analogues (potentiometric, induction) the sensor more compact, reliable and simple in use. The technical process of basic sensor elements assembly is automated

Basic Specifications:

  • Dimensions:   not more than АЕ 45х60 mm (АЕ 45х90 mm)
  • Supply voltage:   + 12+5 (4,8+1,5) V
  • Rotation angle range:   — 150 ... 0 ... + 150 ( 00 ... 3600)
  • Resolution:   5'  angle min
  • Operational temperature range:  -400 ... + 500 ( — 600 ... + 1200)
  • Output signal:  2 ... 6 ... 10 V
  • Input current:   20 ... 40 mA
  • Basic error:   not more than 0,5%
  • Auxiliary error within temperature range
    • -400 ... + 800 — not exceeding 0,25%
    • — 600 ... + 1200 — not exceeding 1,8%
  • Correlation of output signal and rotation angle, function   — Y = k sin x
  • Full turn sensors of the ДУПХ are available in two options: one-channel or two-channel design

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