Electronic Fuel Level Sensor

Electronic fuel level sensor UT-90 (hereinafter referred to as sensor) is designed for precision measurement of diesel gas oil in the fuel tanks of the “BelAz” motor vehicle.

Protection index for the sensor is IР54 according to GOST 14254-96.

Environmental protection class is U1 according to GOST 15150-69.

The sensor can also be applied for measuring liquid level in tanks with heights ranging from 0…0.2 m to 0…3m. Models for measuring the level of aggressive liquids in tanks under pressure up to 2.0 MPa are on the stage of development.

The sensor incorporates a housing mounted on a flange, a core with an axis, a bar with a float and an electronic module. The electronic module is installed on a housing and covered with a lid equipped with a connector.

The housing is attached to the axis, which contains a holder with a Hall semiconductor converter.
The sensor operation is based on the principle of remote contact-free transducing of magnetic induction value into analogue electrical signal. Any movement of a bar with a float changes magnetic filed induction in the gap between magnets and Hall converter, which causes the alteration of the output signal and its further processing by the electronic module.

The output signal of the converter is delivered through connection leads to the input board of the electronic module, which magnifies the signal to the level necessary for the microprocessor operation.

Basic specifications:
  • Power supply from the on-board power source, 24 6 V.
  • Output current, 4-20 mА.
  • Basic percentage error, 0,5 .
  • Maximum supply voltage 34 0,5 V, at 5 minutes exposure.
  • Minimum allowed voltage 12 0,5,V,
  • The sensor must keep its working capacity at temperatures ranging from – 40 to 85 C

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