Electronic pedal

Electronic pedal (hereinafter referred to as pedal) is used for controlling power drives, driving speed, stator dynamic braking of mobile machinery.

Footbar-type pedal is normally installed on the floor. Dynamoelectric proximity tilting angle transducer based on Hall elements and magnetic system of samarium-cobalt alloy serves to convert pedal tilting angle into electric signal. Transmission of pedal angular motions to the transducer shaft is effected through articulated link. A plate made of 65G grade hard steel is used for spring. There are several options of pedal completion sets available including rotation angle sensors, rotation angle sensors and backing-up of pedal tilting by proximity switches, back-up of transducer channels (double, triple hot standby).

Pedal is designed to be able to perform within wide temperature range from – 60 .. to + 85 degrees С, in severe mechanical and environmental conditions

Basic Specifications:
  • Supply voltage:  18 ... 32 V
  • Усилие для активирования педали:   50 +/-5 Н
  • Pedal grip angularity:  55 +/-5 deg.
  • Pedal grip size (length, width):   L = 290 mm, В = 70 mm
  • Pedal grip angular motion:  300
  • Input current:   not more than 50 mA
  • Output signal:   0 ... 6,0 V
  • Load resistance:   not less than 2,0 kOhm
  • Accuracy within working temperature range:  not more than 2,0%
  • Working temperature range:   -600 ... + 600 С
  • Dimensions (height, depth, width): 
      • H max = 257 mm, H min = 158 mm
      • h max = 281 mm, h min = 260 mm
      • В = 80 mm
Note: Parameters of sections 1,2,3,5-8 may be changed to conform to customer’s specifications and must be specified when making an enquiry.

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