PKV Pro 200

Large memory & Versatile reports

  • Full dynamic weighing during lifting the boom and driving
  • The scale has an automatic angle compensation
  • The scale weighs right in all positions of the boom lifting lever/joystick
  • Scale displays shovel load and total load of truck and trailer
  • Scale automatically adds or subtracts loads in the memory
  • Operation status and brief instruction are shown in display
  • Eight main memories for data saving
  • Diversified report output due to expanded memory capacity
  • Overload limit can be set before loading process
  • Summing reports can be printed out in terms of defined time period like per shift, day, week, month or freely selectable time.
  • Saved data is kept even the scale is switched off
  • Adjustable backlit in both display and keyboard enables operation in dark conditions

Technical Data:
  • Increment: 20 or 50 kg.
  • Working temperature: -250С to +400С
  • Supply voltage and current: 24 VDC +/-25% or 12 VDC +/-25%, 700 mA
  • Fully graphic display with backlit, 120 х 90 mm
  • Keyboard consists of function, operation, control and edit keys
  • Automatic weighing process assisted with audible signal
  • Dimensions: 194 х 198 х 62 mm
  • Cast aluminum case IP 61

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