PKV Pro 300i

Reliable wireless data transfer


The PKV Pro 300i incorporates the modern GPRS data tansfer into Tamtron on-line internet service with a global access. The new GPRS based weighing service is meant to guarantee easy and economical access to weighing information regardless the place or time. Additionally the further management of weighing data becomes fast and reliable.
  • Digital technology
  • Fully dynamic weighing during lifting the boom and driving the loader
  • Information through internet
  • Password identification and encrypted data transfer
  • Information available in server:
      • Weighing ticket number
      • Time and date
      • Amount buckets and material loaded to truck, to trailer and total main memories
      • Day, week, month reports
  • For more demanding reports customer needs to have Tamtron PKV32 PC software
  • Weighing information available also as email or SMS message
  • The scale has an automatic angle compensation
  • The scale weighs right in all positions of the boom lifting lever/joystick
  • Scale displays shovel load and total load of truck and trailer
  • Scale automatically adds or subtracts loads in the memory
  • Operation status and brief instruction are shown in display
  • Eight main memories for data saving
  • Diversified report output due to expanded memory capacity
  • Overload limit can be set before loading process
  • Summing reports can be printed out in terms of defined time period like
    per shift, day, week, month or freely selectable time.
  • Saved data is kept even the scale is switched off
  • Adjustable backlit in both display and keyboard enables operation in dark conditions.
  • Inbuilt automatic compensation of error caused by tilted ground (longitudinal
  • 12,9° and sideways 10 °)

Technical Data:
  • Increment: 20 or 50 kg.
  • Working temperature: -250С to +400С
  • Supply volage and current: 24 VDC +/-25% or 12 VDC +/-25%, 700 mA
  • Fully graphic display with backlit, 120 х 90 mm
  • Keyboard consistes of function, operation, control and edit keys
  • Automatic weighing process assisted with audible signal
  • Dimensions: 194 х 198 х 62 mm
  • Cast aluminium case IP 61

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