VG Drill

We present a new solution for drilling and blasting operations automation – VG Drill.

System's structure

Key parts of the system:

  • Trimble high-precision GPS \ GLONASS navigation equipment, providing the accuracy of drilling rig guidance up to 10 cm.
  • Sensors to monitor the drilling parameters.

To provide a data transfer between server and the drilling rig and back and receive differential correction data Motorola MESH Solo system is used. For operator’s convenience and safety during the guidance the external industrial monitor is used.  

System provides different real-time reports according to sensors reading from drills. Blasting projects are created using real position, angles and slopes of the wells drilled by the rig. 

The use of high-precision navigation system on drilling machines can significantly increase the performance of drilling rigs due to:

  • accurate guidance of the drilling rig on a well and drillhole spacing compliance through the transfer of a drilling project to the screen of the operator and use of the high-precision GPS / GLONASS navigation without reference to the physical reference points;
  • determination of the actual parameters of the drilled wells (coordinates, azimuth, angle, depth,thrust, rotation engine load etc.) to control the drilling rig operation and further calculation of the mass blasting;
  • reduce all kinds of delays, monitor the usage of drilling rigs (running time, downtime, drilled meters, etc.);
  • using the real time sensor reading during the drilling progress through the hole;
  • blasting design based on based K-MINE software (KRIVBASSAKADEMINVEST GMP production).

Transmission of the accurate information about the place of drilling on the on-board computer of the drilling rig operator, together with the use of the high-precision navigation system eliminates the problem of low-quality blasting – lumps after blasting. The presence of lumps in drilling and blasting leads to additional costs for crushing rock and suspension of mining process

Poor quality blasting occurs as a result of inaccurate targeting of the drilling rig and improper blast initiation. Good explosion needs a proper loading project, which would take into account not only the actual coordinates of the wellhead and its inclination, but also strength properties of rocks. Using the VG Drill, developed by VIST Group provides a three-dimensional binding of the measured values. Drilling and blasting designers are able to plan the loading considering the strength of the specific layers. A more accurate calculation and the subsequent distribution of the charge along the well, along with a more precise calculation of the initiation of the explosion can significantly reduce the amount of lumps while saving explosives to minimize harmful effects on the environment.

The system can be used as a part of a KARIER system and separately. It is suitable for drilling rigs of different types and from different producers.

External monitor

WEB-interface of the system