VG Service

The service system of the equipment diagnostics and control VG Service had been created to solve the problems of equipment diagnostic, equipment usage efficiency control, of monitoring. The system gets the information about the mobile devices and equipment state, the operating conditions etc. through GPRS and Internet.

The main consumers of this system: factories – the equipment producers, service companies and dealers, leasing companies.

To work with the VG Service system there is no need for a special software. The access is possible through the web browsers.

The VG Service system had been designed for: 

  • reclamation enumerating
  • mobile objects state control
  • equipment diagnostics and technical readiness coefficient increase
  • the unauthorized use of equipment and permitted territory borders crossing control
  • fuel consumption control 
  • report export

The system provides operative and full image of equipment and machinery usage and it enables equipment consumer company, dealer, service company, distributor, equipment producer to prevent the adverse events, react to reclamations during the equipment use promptly, prevent the service troubles, and also control the usage efficiency.

The windows, related to a equipment control, depending on mobile devices type and on-board equipment installed, can display:

  •  events, connected to an equipment usage
  •  over speeding and overloads
  •  performance diagrams
  •  operating modes violations
  •  fuel level graph
  •  sensors condition

The service system usage enables You to increase the level of relationship between the equipment consumers, service companies and producers during the maintenance period.
The systematic analysis of the vehicle park performance using VG Service enables to plan the expendable materials and repair parts renewal, preventing the possible equipment breakdowns; significantly reduce the unplanned downtime, providing unceasing and efficient work.


The windows, related to a equipment diagnostic allow:


  • Monitor the current state of the equipment on the mobile objects (including separate sensors).
  • Create and print the instructions for the service engineers for each disrepair elimination
  • Monitor the time of disrepairs occurring and time they are eliminate



When time comes for a equipment replacement or for an equipment sale, having a complete information about usage, reclamations and services is increasing the depreciable value significantly, raising the buyer’s trust towards the used equipment.

The system can be flexibly configured and adapted for a different types of equipment, can be useful also to a companies, giving an equipment for a rent.

The system can be configured for a different levels of information access rights, and also has the function of the e-mail reports delivery.

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